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Quality Assurance

Based in Little Island, Co. Cork, Master Engineering Limited is an Irish Company that specialises in the design & manufacture of tanks and pressure vessels for the pharmaceutical, chemical, and food & beverage industries.

Master Engineering operates the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System and BS EN 1090 which covers design, development and manufacture of stainless steel tanks and pressure vessels.

Quality is assured by inspection at each stage of fabrication and we are currently undertaking EN 3834 (Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials) certification.

All pressure vessels are designed and manufactured under ASME 8 (Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code).

Inspection procedures are carried out in accordance with I.S. EN ISO 9001:2015 and Master Engineering Ltd. internal operating procedures. This ensures that all vessels manufactured are of the highest quality and conform in all aspects to the specified code and customer requirements.

Certifications & European Regulatory Standards

Stainless Steel Vessel Testing & Inspection

All vessels are subject to our systematic inspection procedures, which can involve the following:

  • When required an appointed Third Party / Notified Body Inspectors attends and reviews products at specified milestones of Projects.
  • All inspection is carried out in strict accordance with the relevant design code and client requirements.
  • Dye penetrant examination is carried out in-house by qualified personnel.
  • Surface measurement is carried out in-house using a Mitutoyo Surftest SJ-20 surface gauge.
  • All radiographic examination of welds is carried out by a registered Non Destructive Testing contractor.
  • Ultrasonic examination and strain gauge testing if required, are carried out by an outside agency.
  • Cleanability testing using Riboflavin is carried out using our in-house DI Water Process system and calibrated Flow Meter Riboflavin Test Rig Station

All tests required for insurance and certification purposes will be carried out and any other tests can be completed at clients’ request.

Documentation Handover Packages

Documentation is a central pillar of our operations and we will produce a Comprehensive detailed Documentation Package in line with your requirements.

Packages range from our standard package of 7 elements up to our completely comprehensive 22 element package outlined below which will ensure that you meet all of your regulatory and corporate documentation requirements.

  1. Vessel Data Certificate
  2. Design Calculations
  3. Material List & Certificates
  4. Welding Procedures
  5. Welder Qualifications
  6. Radiography Report / Certificate
  7. Dye Penetrant Report / Certificate
  8. NDT Qualifications
  9. Surface Finish Certificate
  10. Passivation / Cleaning Certificate
  11. Inspection Release Certificate
  12. Name Plate Copy
  13. Declaration of Conformity-ME
  14. Operation Instructions
  15. GA Drawings
  16. Hazard Analysis
  17. Essential Safety Requirements
  18. EU-Machinery Directive
  19. FAT(Factory Acceptance Testing) Protocol
  20. Certificate for Conformity-NoBo
  21. Spare Parts Listing
  22. Warranty

All handover packages will be provided in hard and soft (scanned) copy format.

We also have extensive experience of populating client 3rd party maintenance and documentation. systems with electronic copies of your handover packages.

In addition to the above, Master Engineering will retain a complete set of paper documentation for all projects for 10 years from project handover.

Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)

Master Engineering is aware of the requirements for client Factory Acceptance Testing of equipment prior to shipment from our premises in line with cGMP.

In line with this we have prepared a program of Factory Acceptance Tests to cover most of your requirements.

Your FAT will typically take between 2 /3 days and the following elements will typically be covered starting at 8:00 AM on the morning of your first day:

  • Dimensional Checks examination is carried out in-house by qualified personnel.
  • Associated Equipment IE; Lights, Spray-Balls, Valves etc will be examined.
  • Spray Ball/Rinse Test examination
  • Drainability Test
  • Documentation Review
  • QA Review

The above is our typical agenda, but we would be happy to include any other tests you deem appropriate on request.